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We Care!

Wales and dolphins are among the most fascinating inhabitants of our oceans. Their complex social behaviour, long distance migrations and ability to communicate amaze us! 



But fishery, under water noise and pollution of our seas threaten their lives. Hundred of thousands of wales die every year! They find their end in fishing nets, are disturbed by noise and pollution or strand.


Less than 2% of our oceans are marine protected areas for wales but even there they are confronted with numerous dangers. 



We from millemarille want to take action! With our new fabric design "save the whales" and this campaign we are making an attempt to help to improve this situation.



In co-operation with the WDC (Whale & Dolphin Conservation) millemarille tries to sensitize about the difficult situation some of the most important marine habitats in the world are in and hope that a large number of our customers are motivated to take action as well. 


What can you do?

A very simple first step are the WDC e-mail petitions on Here you can give the whales a voice- your signature only takes two minutes and can truly make a difference.



You want to do more? 

If so, a symbolic adoption with €5 per month can significantly help the whales and support the fight against commercial whale hunting. You receive a WDC adoption package with adoption certificate and regular whale updates.  A fantastic possibility to stay informed and to give your child an understanding of these wonderful animals!


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